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Bright Against the Storm

Plot Introduction

In Ilohan’s own eyes he is the weakest of the knights of Karolan, slow to perceive the danger threatening the realm. Aging King Thomas sends him on a mysterious quest that seems of small importance. But the king knows the mission's true purpose, and has staked much on Ilohan's strength and understanding – more than the young knight could possibly guess.

In a world where most profess the religion taught in the Books of the Travelers, a brave young blacksmith does not. Jonathan has invented his own faith – and determined to hold it to the death. Ilohan, wholly committed himself to the religion of the Travelers, nonetheless chooses Jonathan to accompany him on his quest. Will Jonathan’s faith – or any faith – sustain him on the dark road ahead?

Never doubting his own strength or fidelity, Jonathan has made far-reaching promises to the lovely shepherdess he left behind in Glen Carrah. Will he be able to keep them? What will become of her – or him – if he does not? Could these simple promises one day decide the fate of nations?

The quest at first seemed almost disappointingly simple: go to Lake Luciyr, search the surrounding area for relics of an old assassination, and then continue on to Harevan. However, Ilohan and Jonathan soon have reason to wonder if they will even live to reach Luciyr. Assuming they do reach it, what if their search turns up nothing? How long should they spend futilely scouring the shores?

Beyond Luciyr lies a high, unfrequented pass – and after that, the great desert of the south. The isolated village of Harevan lies at least a week’s ride across the desert – though travelers can hug the mountains in the hope of finding occassional water. But what is waiting for Ilohan and Jonathan at Harevan? As they travel, rumors come to them of a hidden valley in the mountains above Harevan. The valley has many names: Ceramir, the Cloth of Joy, the Valley of the Undismayed, Brightshadow... What is it, and who are the Children of Ceramir?

Bright Against the Storm was first released for internet sales on November 30, 2009. Despite limited advertising, over 200 copies sold in the first month. Bright Against the Storm is currently available from this website, from Amazon.com, or by directly contacting Ari Heinze (email ariheinze@hotmail.com).

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