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Songs of Karolan

Welcome! Since Karolan has not yet been published, I am making the songs available online as audio files. They really should be sung, but I... uh... have a problem with carrying tunes, so for now you will have to settle for the songs read aloud as poems. To make them accessible to as many people as possible, I have rendered each audio file in three different formats: .wma (the native format, quickest to download and probably best for PCs), mp3 (may be best for Macs and some PCs), and .au (may be best for linux/unix machines). Enjoy!

Songs from Bright Against the Storm

Across Autumn Fields
The song that Joseph, the Shepherd of Glen Carrah, sang to Abigail his wife.
| .wma | mp3 | au |

Anthem of Karolan
The anthem and battle-song of the realm of Karolan.
| .wma | mp3 | au |

War Song of the Zarnith
The ancient war song of the Zarnith, a fearsome people believed to inhabit the remote desert. They threatened Karolan in the reign of Nirolad the Great.
| .wma | mp3 | au |

War Song of the Zarnith (translated)
An unrhymed translation of the Zarnith war song.
| .wma | mp3 | au |

Ceramir 1
A song of celebration and worship used in Ceramir.
| .wma | mp3 | au |

Lament for Rennel
The dirge Jonathan composes for Rennel.
| .wma | mp3 | au |

Dawn Beyond Hope
Veril's song when one she loves recovers from the plague.
| .wma | mp3 | au |

Songs from Ashes of Our Joy

The Song of Winter's End
Veril's song against the bitter winter after the Battle of Petrag.
| .wma | mp3 | au |