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What is Hopewriter Publishing?

How It Started

I, Ari Heinze, wrote a Christian adventure/fantasy novel called The Epic of Karolan. I decided to self-publish it rather than try to get it accepted by a commercial publisher. Since I'd like my books to bring genuine hope, hope in God, to a world that is full of fake hope and real despair, I named my new-born publishing company Hopewriter Publishing.

What Can Hopewriter Do for You?

At present, it can mainly sell you my books through this website. You can buy these books in a few other places already, and eventually they will be distributed much more widely, but this website will always offer a good price direct from the author. In the future, books by other writers may be published by Hopewriter and sold through this website as well.

Might Hopewriter Publish Your Book?

It's not entirely impossible. I believe one of Hopewriter Publishing's main objectives should be helping and encouraging new Christian writers. To be published by Hopewriter, a novel would have to live up to the standards of thoughtful, Biblical Christianity, powerful storytelling, and skilled writing set by The Epic of Karolan.

It's important also to realize that Hopewriter is not a big, commercial publisher. It might be more accurate to say it can help you publish your own books, rather than that it will publish them for you. As with ordinary self-publishing, you would bear the financial risk. Hopewriter would provide editing suggestions and advice relating to cover design, formatting, printing, and marketing. Finally, your book would receive the credibility attached to the Hopewriter logo and to positive reviews on the Hopewriter website. My own books are just getting started, so this credibility might not be very valuable yet. As publication of The Epic of Karolan reaches completion, and sales rise, so will Hopewriter's credibility and its potential benefit to you.

Under Construction: There will be more and better organized material here later.