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Endorsements for Bright Against the Storm

Louis Markos:

"In Bright Against the Storm, Ari Heinze does a number of things that I did not think possible in a 21st century novel: he offers a believable and compelling portrait of true honor and chivalry; he depicts both male and female goodness in a way that is neither clichéd nor cloying; he creates a medieval-like world that is suffused by Christian faith but that never degrades into mere piety or self-righteousness; he meditates honestly on both the glory and horror of war; and he offers one of the best and truest portraits of a virtuous pagan that I have ever encountered. Lovers of Tolkien’s Middle-earth will find in Heinze’s Karolan a world that is far closer to our own—all the characters are human—but that nevertheless retains the wonder, the awe, and the heroism of The Lord of the Rings."

Dr. Louis Markos, Professor of English and Scholar-in-Residence, Houston Baptist University

Luci Shaw:

"Bright Against the Storm, the first volume of this epic fantasy, is beautifully written and realized, its style exuberant, with a sense of immediacy that draws the reader deeply into the narrative. I look forward with anticipation to reading the rest of the Karolan series!"

Luci Shaw, Author of Breath for the Bones, and Writer in Residence, Regent College

Paul Karlberg:

"Bright Against the Storm is a work I commend to all who would be stirred in mind and heart by a saga taking on the great themes of faith and fortitude, doubt and destiny and the abiding presence of the goodness and grace of God in the midst of the travels and travails of life in any time or place."

Reverend Paul Karlberg, Proclamation Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA

Endorsements for Ashes of Our Joy

Steven Simon:

"Ari Heinze has a special gift for weaving a complex story and transporting the reader into it. The adventures of Ilohan and Jonathan will truly become a classic tale enjoyed by countless people."

Rev. Dr. Steven Simon, Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, Houston, TX

Paul Karlberg:

"The Epic of Karolan continues now in Part 2 , Ashes of Our Joy. This moving story continues to point the reader to contemplate some of the great themes of human life: Themes and truths that challenge us to cultivate the values of belief and character that will bring us satisfaction and accomplishment. These pages draw vividly a portrait of those whose lives call our lives to purpose, meaning and abiding truths."

Reverend Paul Karlberg, Proclamation Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, PA

Rolland Hein:

"Not only has Ari Heinze given us a narrative that underscores the beauty of such enduring values as loyalty, trust, and courage, but he has firmly grounded these in his profound understanding of the Christian ethos. Ashes of Our Joy is an enjoyable and edifying read."

Dr. Rolland Hein, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

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